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Cocktails made easy

The perfect cocktail companion, FreeFlow's simple, intuitive recipes make it easy to create a drink for any occasion.


Download for free today and start creating.

Hundreds of the best cocktails

Only the finest drinks

Dozens of categories, carefully curated to include the best cocktails from around the globe

Discover new cocktails

Browse by flavour, ingredient, strength, glass or difficulty - or just search for your favorite drink.


Discover what you can make (or almost make)

Populate your bar and get drink suggestions

Add the ingredients you have at home to My Bar and discover what you can make

Find drinks you can almost make

Find drinks where you're only missing one ingredient or where you've got the liquor and just need a mixer

Substitute ingredients

Enable Substitute Ingredients for even more possibilities, enabling you to create a variation with what you have already

Generate a personalised cocktail list

Our unique 'Discover' feature lets you create a personalised cocktail list for any occasion, automatically generated from just a few questions


Create your own drinks

Create a custom drink and personalise every feature, down to the appearance of the drink and garnishes.

Or edit any of our built-in drinks to create your own variation or add new ingredients to expand your bar.

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